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State Council Food Safety Office summons two city govts over food safety concerns in schools

awareness of food safety, serious lack of responsibility by the university, an absence of industry management by competent authorities, inadequate fulfillment of food safety management at the local level, and ineffective implementation of supervision and management. These problems have caused adverse social impact.During the meeting, the Office demanded that Tangshan strictly carry out its responsibilities for food safety, deeply learn from this lesson, carry out rectification effectively, and prevent and resolve various risks and hidden dangers. It is crucial to firmly safeguard the basic standards of campus food safety, said the Office.The Office will also conduct on-site inspections and oversee the entire process to ensure the implementation of rectification measures in Tangshan.Special campaigns have been launched across schools nationwide to strictly prevent and control food safety risks.Analysts noted that the meetings reflect the determination of the office to strengthen food safety in schools. It is necessary to unite all forces and involve all of society to ensure food safety for the people in an all-round, all-process, and all-coverage manner, and jointly build a defense line for food safety for students, said observers.

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