Broadcaster for the released American hostages.Did Hamas militants try to rape or harass you?Hostage: No, we have not seen any of the male Hamas fighters since we entered Gaza. We were handed over to the women’s battalion, which in turn guarded us and provided our treatment and food, and even the women’s intelligence officers conducted investigations with us.Broadcaster: But we have not seen any female recruits for Hamas before?Hostage: Hamas has a battalion of women fighters, and they have a high level of training and sense of security. They dealt with us with all respect and we did not feel afraid or be subjected to any torture from them. We were afraid of air strikes from the aircraft only, that was what terrified us. Hamas women guarded the prisons and moved us from one place to another for protection. For our safety from the air raids, which were insane and continuous.Broadcaster: Do you have any other statements about any violations suffered by any Hamas hostage?Hostage: No, I do not have any other statements, and I cannot lie with any accusations about any violations. I was not subjected to them, nor did I see any other hostage subjected to any violations. We were with a group of women hostages, and we numbered only 70. After the intensification of the bombing, we were distributed to several sites, and each of four hostages in A single location, after which we did not meet the rest of the hostages

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